Mike Gapes
Member of Parliament for Ilford South
A local man with a national voice

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    MPs allowances and expenditure

The House of Commons today published the detailed expenditure figures for all Members of Parliament. Here is the link you need to see my expenditure

My claims for the Additional Costs Allowance relate to a rented flat in Westminster which I gave up at the start of 2008 when I returned to commuting daily to and from Ilford to the Commons. I do not have a second home. I have only one home in my Ilford South constituency on a mortgage paid for by me from my salary. I have never had a mortgage paid for by Parliamentary allowances.

Figures for 2008-9 are not yet publicly available but I would like constituents and others to know that I made no claim for additional costs allowance at all in the last year.

I do not employ any members of my family or any relatives. I have two full time and two part time members of staff working in my House of Commons and Constituency offices who all have contracts and are paid in accordance with trade union and House of Commons agreed scales. None of them are related to me.

I am a full time Member of Parliament and do not have any other paid employment.

posted 18 June 2009

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