Mike Gapes
Member of Parliament for Ilford South
A local man with a national voice

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Copyright and disclaimers

  1. All material (for example, data, images and text in whatever form) used in this site is the copyright of Mike Gapes unless otherwise stated or indicated. Material which is the copyright of Mike Gapes may be freely copied and distributed providing the source is acknowledged
  2. Although every effort is made to ensure that the contents of this website are up-to-date and accurate, neither Mike Gapes nor his agents nor employees are liable for loss or damage of whatever kind caused by inaccuracies in any data or information made available on this website
  3. Neither Mike Gapes nor his agents nor employees is responsible for information, data, images and other materials made available on websites referenced from this website
  4. The views expressed on this website are those of Mike Gapes and not necessarily those of the Labour Party, the London Labour Party or any of the Redbridge Labour Parties.

Personal information

Any personal information you supply by this website may be passed to and used by the Labour Party.

This information is completely separate from the personal information I collect from casework or through dealing with personal matters or concerns raised with me directly as an MP - this information is not given to any other organisation, including the Labour Party nationally, regionally or locally, and is used only by me and my staff.

Site details

If you have any questions or comments about mikegapes.org.uk or the information available on the site, these should be sent to my office. Details are available on the contact page of this site.


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