Mike Gapes
Member of Parliament for Ilford South
A local man with a national voice

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   Latest news
  • New website
    I have changed my website This is the new address http://www.mikegapes.org Mike Gapes MP...
  • Mike calls for end of game of chance for blind bus users
    Mike calls for end of game of chance for blind bus users Mike Gapes MP got a chance to experience for himself why people with sight loss need audio-visual announcements (AV) on buses, through playing a memory game, at the Labour Party...
  • Support Christian Aid
    Support Christian AidMike Gapes MP met Christian Aid campaigners at the Labour Party conference in Manchester and heard about the charity’s work, including its ‘manifesto’ for the 2015 general election....
  • Mike calls for government action to save Bees
    Mike calls for government action to save BeesMike Gapes MP joined Friends of the Earth’s Bee Cause campaigners on 23rd September to support calls for the Government to improve its plan to protect bees and...
  • Why I Support action against The caliphate cult
    On Friday 26 September the House of Commons voted by a huge majority to approve air strikes by UK armed forces against ISIL in Iraq. There is no heavier responsibility...
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The following feed items are taken from theyworkforyou.com. There's more information from this site about my work in parliament

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